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Meeting Your Goals

I will help you achieve whatever level of playing mastery you are motivated to reach in the areas outlined below.

Survey of Piano Literature:

The Historical Component of Piano Playing


• Classical

• Ragtime, Jazz & Blues

• Rock 'n Roll

• Popular, Broadway, Movie Themes

• Current Top of the Chart Hits and Golden Oldies

• Ethnic, Folk & Holiday Favorites

Piano Technique

The Physical Component of Piano Playing


• Maintaining good posture and the natural, relaxed use of hands, wrists, and arms.

• Learning the geography of the keyboard

• Developing economy of hand motion & good coordination

• Doing keyboard calisthenics: finger crossings, hand crossings, stretches, jumps

• Playing scales, chords & left-hand accompaniment patterns

• Mastering rhythms

The Intellectual Component of Piano Playing


• Keyboard geography

• Note reading and musical symbols

• Pattern recognition & chord identification

• Recognition of musical forms & stylistic elements

• Memorization techniques

• Development of mental focus, attention span, concentration,
and self-confidence

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