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Welcome to the Tenafly Piano Studio

The Tenafly Piano Studio is a professional, private piano studio located in the Stillman School area of Tenafly, New Jersey, offering quality individual piano lessons and supplemental group Piano Workshops to children and adults of all ages and playing levels. The Tenafly Piano Studio is renowned for promoting strong reading skills along with keyboard technic.


Call owner/instructor Carole Reiss at 201-568-6344 to make an appointment to visit the studio.


Formula for Success: A Piano Teacher with Teaching Skills + A Strong Music Reading Program


My mission is to inspire in piano students a lifetime involvement with recreational piano playing. Piano teaching for me is not secondary to the establishment of a performance career.  I am entirely committed to teaching piano, not solely as a pianist, but as an educator, well-versed in the principles of teaching and the psychology of learning.


I am also committed to developing strong reading skills in my piano students. Without the ability to read well, a student struggles when learning new pieces and is often limited to a handful of rote-learned pieces played from memory. At college I conducted a public survey to determine why some piano students give up while others stick with it.  I discovered that failure to acquire good reading skills is the primary reason students get frustrated and quit after a year or two of lessons.


Piano Lessons You Look Forward To

The Tenafly Piano Studio offers a host of creative, stimulating teaching strategies and materials so students look forward to their lessons:


• A unique, customized program for you to achieve the    playing level you aspire to


• Lessons conducted at a learning speed comfortable for you and a teaching approach suited to your learning style


• Colorful motivational & goal-setting posters and fun-filled musical game board activities to reinforce reading skills


• Tips on how to learn a new piece and how to work piano practice into your daily routine


Whatever your age or ability, you  can realize your dream of playing the piano.



32 Coleman Terrace, Tenafly, NJ 07670




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